BDD - If no one understands, how do you expect to get what you want?

We are going to go through the life cycle of  a BDD development,  BDD Testing and Finally BDD Automation.  

If you think you can jump straight to BDD Automation, you are wrong!  STOP NOW!   We first have to build a language that everyone involved can understand,  every S.M.E. (subject matter expert) can follow, every Senior QA can write, every Developer can create and a person off the street can follow!

The whole concept of BDD is one language everyone is speaking.   

Always remember the story of the government bureaucrat  that emailed the Wales office, asking for a translation for a road sign, "Road Closed, please use alternative route",  got a reply, created the road sign, put it up, and the Welsh said "I'm on holiday will be back in a couple of weeks!"

If we all speak different languages we are relying on those translations not to be just right, but also put across everything we are trying to say!

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