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Welcome!  I have 30 years experience of Software Development and over the years I have learned many things that will, hopefully, help you.


I have sat through many hours of courses being told what QA is, how to do QA, best practices for QA.


Each time I have sat, nodded and walked out thinking that was a waste of time!


QA is like an apprenticeship, it is best learned by doing, seeing .

It is only when you do, can you see the reality of quality.  To give yourself the assurance that what you do leads to a better outcome.


My Story

I have worked on computers since the invention of home PC's.  ZX81, Amstrad, Unix, Dumb Terminals, Floppy Disk PCs, Novell, Windows, Linux right the way through to AWS.  

In fact it is a full circle from dumb terminals where everything was done on a central server, to cloud, where everything is done on a central server!

I started as Hardware Support, then Software support, an Oracle DBA, and Oracle App Writer, to fully fledged C++ programmer, where I started my own Virtual World business.

I sold up and returned back to Aberdeen, what I call home.   

I worked with some of the most advanced small software houses, with great innovating products, and spend many days and weeks with customers working on specification, change requests, passing this to developers, confirming it worked, going back to the customer, showing the changes.   It is a great way to learn that if it is not right, you will hear the complaing!

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